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8 10 41 votes download zombsroyale io android free graphics aren t everything zombsroyale io 2d battle royale for android is an entertaining online battle royale game with really simple graphics despite the efforts of many studios mobile video games don t
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Despite the efforts of many studios mobile video games don t always need the best graphics as proven by zombsroyale io 2d battle royale this game manages to combine several elements that millions of gamers adore nowadays on a totally flat scenario made up of geometric shapes the shooter genre the battle royale mode a high speed and a great gameplay with the final touch of a huge bunch of zombies furthermore although the main mode is the battle royale it includes three variations that many players will love luring in even more gamers zombies apart from fighting the rest of players we have to defend ourselves against the zombies spread around the map 50v50 instead of all versus all the game is played with two teams of 50 players the first team to wipe out all members of the rival team wins building blocks this mode adds construction elements to the game just like in fortnite or minecraft allowing the player to create defensive structures or shelters main features of zombs royale io the game includes all the basic options of any battle royale without any other intention than keeping us entertained and it manages to do so by means of the following features play solo against 99 players team up with a friend or create a team of 4 players the map is full of weapons to defend and attack guns machine guns shotguns bazookas rifles we ll also find all the ammo necessary and survival kits we can customize our character with up to 1 000 cosmetic elements we ll receive daily and weekly rewards includes worldwide leaderboards with the best players
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