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7 10 13 votes download vivo browser android free vivo browser is the web browser designed specifically for android smartphones vivo brand and incorporates fast download navigation and adblocker vivo has managed to become one of the most successful smartph
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Vivo has managed to become one of the most successful smartphone manufacturers in asia by selling millions of units of its devices for them vivo browser has been designed a browser with interesting functions that focus on downloading browsing and ads fast downloading browsing and ad blocking this browser offers interesting functions in terms of navigation since it offers the possibility of surfing the internet quickly while saving on data consumption one of the best ways to achieve this is through its adblocker that avoids the loading of many elements in addition to avoiding invasive advertising these are the main features it offers blocking of advertisements fast download function shortcuts on the home screen access to the latest news night mode incognito navigation mode notification center this app is optimized to run on vivo devices although they can run on other brands however some of its functions may not be available so if you see that it does not work as it should or does not display the corresponding options it is most likely due to this reason
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