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7 10 16 votes download via browser android free via browser is a browser for android devices whose main feature is its super light weight good navigation speed and many utilities to save your data if for whatever reason you don t like the default browser
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If for whatever reason you don t like the default browser on your android or you re simply looking for something lighter and easier than google chrome this app by the lakor studio is a fantastic tool that takes up minimal space and is fast here s what else via browser can do for you enjoy browsing with high loading speed and powerful adblocking an optimized browsing experience for your android this tool lets users surf the internet easily and quickly from your android device especially noteworthy are the following functions it is very light as it takes up minimal space less than 0 5 mb according to the developers so that its operation is very agile its speed counting a high speed load you can save data through intelligent image loading and block advertisements it offers various customization options for the home screen moreover it also has a night mode and the possibility to view images only when you connect via wifi other functions include translation a search engine within a website bookmarks tabs private browsing and many more tools that are easily accessible thanks to its clear and minimalist interface a real pleasure to browse without a doubt
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