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7 10 9 votes download tom and jerry chase android free tom and jerry chase is an action and puzzle game where we play with jerry the mouse and try to steal the cheese or with tom the cat to prevent it tom and jerry s cartoons are among the best known arou
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Tom and jerry s cartoons are among the best known around the world these cartoons created by william hannah and joseph barbera in the 1940s and distributed by metro goldwyn mayer have been broadcast in dozens of countries tom and jerry starred in short films movies and of course video games one of them is tom and jerry chase a game that combines action with puzzles in a 1v4 multiplayer format choose between tom and jerry the game s plot is not far from the classic theme of the cartoons jerry the mouse wants to eat the cheese and tom the cat will try to prevent it and this is where your adventure starts since you will have to choose between being a cat or a mouse if you choose the cat you will control tom and you will have at your fingertips all kinds of traps and tricks to prevent the mice from getting their target on the other hand if you choose jerry you will be part of a team of 4 players that will have to combine efforts to fool the cat and eat the cheese this is an asymmetric multiplayer game that offers the following characteristics and functions play as a cat or mouse to protect the cheese or steal it by combining efforts with other players hd graphics that recreate the original cartoon animation free missions up to 10 minutes long different characters besides tom and jerry like tuffy or lightning different game modes and several maps to play in communicate through voice chat with other players customize the different characters with skins
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