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8 10 11 votes download tantan android free with tantan for android you can make new friends and find your significant other it s a dating app similar to others of the likes of badoo or tinder with modern technology and mobile phones if you don t find some
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With modern technology and mobile phones if you don t find someone to go out with that s because you simply don t want to apps of the likes of tantan that follow a model similar to tinder allow us to discover people nearby to chat with and flirt there are more than 100 users registered on this app therefore from a statistical point of view you ve got plenty of chances swipe left or right to accept or reject a user create your profile through your facebook login and you ll be able to share your photos and interests to draw the attention of girls and guys willing to spend the rest of their life or only a few hours with you it s as easy as swiping the photos left or right until you finally get a match these are the main features of the app make new friends by checking their profiles once there s a match contact through text or voice message and send photos and videos chat only with the people that you ve been matched to break the ice function with a pack of ten questions to know more about your date privacy guaranteed despite logging in with facebook your contacts and publications are totally safe
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