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8 10 267 votes download sweet selfie android free sweet selfie candy is an app exclusively focused on taking enhancing and applying filters to selfies use it take the best selfies from your android selfies are such a hype nowadays that phone makers launch
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Selfies are such a hype nowadays that phone makers launch handsets with cameras specifically designed for such purpose therefore why not also develop applications to take selfies obviously there are already plenty of them out there as is the case of sweet selfie candy take the best selfies with your android this app turns your smartphone into a tiny photo editing studio that allows you to enhance different aspects in order to get hold of the best self portraits color and brightness adjustments saturation filters all the latter and much more can be configured to your own liking a photo enhancement studio dedicated to selfies built into your phone among the main features you ll be able to make use of if you install the apk we have to point out the following apply filters in real time emoticons stickers and frames brightness contrast temperature color opacity exposure and saturation adjustments edge focus blur effects cropping and rotating function once you ve finished you can easily share your photos on social networks and other applications like instagram facebook vk or line
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