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8 10 51 votes download sony music android free sony music is the android music player that intends to improve our user experience when it comes to making the most of our device s music collection despite the presence of loads of online music services with
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Despite the presence of loads of online music services with never ending catalogs such as tida apple music deezer or spotify there are still plenty of users that download music whether legally or illegally to listen to their favorite artists and songs sony has thought of them and come up with an android app called sony music a great music player for android this music player comes along with a well designed user interface that intends to improve the user experience regarding other similar applications with a worse design and full of adverts these are the main features and functions offered by this app import the device s music library organize your songs into playlists built in equalizer explore music by genre visual design that displayers the album covers dark theme for the interface its only drawback that you ll need an xperia to be able to use the app
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