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7 10 89 votes download plus messenger android free with plus messenger on your android you will have an unofficial client of telegram the instant messaging and chat app that is competing with whatsapp whenever an app in this case an instant messaging app
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Whenever an app in this case an instant messaging app has some success mods emerge that try to offer features not included in the official version we saw this with whatsapp plus and its dozens of variants and now we also have the case of plus messenger an unofficial telegram client extra features for the most secure and private messaging app so by downloading the telegram plus apk the name by which this application is also known to our android smartphone or tablet we can continue chatting with our contacts individually or in groups and sharing image and video files just as we would in traditional telegram but with some added advantages what options does this alternative to telegram include this messaging application offers us all the good things of telegram and adds other interesting features it allows you to create chat groups with up to 5 000 people it shows tabs to move between users groups channels bots and favorite chats the user can share all types of files up to 1 5gb messages are stored in the cloud so they can be accessed whenever needed you can chat with someone only through their nickname without having to exchange phone numbers includes secret chats with programmable self destruct large database with more than 4 000 different themes to customize the interface as well as the possibility of creating your own themes allows muting of users or groups from main screen user can use direct share in any chat the compression level can be modified when sending videos in conversations it includes the option to show profile or group photos by touching them from the main screen the user will be able to use the emoticons available on their phone and not only those of the app the chat wallpaper can be changed directly without leaving the conversation other options that are added after each update
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