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7 10 161 votes download payback 2 android free payback 2 is a full online action sandbox game for android with several different playing modes in which we can use all sorts of vehicles and weapons quite a few years ago gta san andreas laid the foundations
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Quite a few years ago gta san andreas laid the foundations for all the upcoming action packed sandbox game ever since then we ve been able to enjoy many more titles of this style some better than others and that also goes for payback 2 an action packed game with plenty of freedom it s an action game in which we ll start off choosing our character which we can customize however we like to then take part in fierce online battles against other players or solo without requiring an internet connection its game modes cover all sorts of missions and also situations tank battles gang wars flying helicopters violent car races these are the main features offered by this decent action game for android a wide range of campaigns take part in street fights drive a tank race around with a car face up to millions of other online players hourly daily and weekly challenges create your own customized events explore 7 different cities customize your character to the max nine playing modes loads of different vehicles and weapons get hold of its apk right now and enjoy playing one of the best action games for android with total freedom of movements and decisions
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