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8 10 26 votes download magovideo android free magovideo is a video editing application whose tools filters and effects are designed for sharing videos on social networks and in particular on tiktok tiktok has become one of the most successful social netwo
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Tiktok has become one of the most successful social networks on the planet and for that reason there are many applications for generating special content for it one is magovideo which offers all kinds of functions so that users can share videos on it and also on other social media like facebook instagram or whatsapp a video editor designed for social networks it is a lineal video editor which allows users to apply all kinds of effects filters stickers tools and other stuff whenever they want it features very simple editing which allows you to retouch and adjust any video in a matter of seconds these are the application s main features create presentations with videos music and effects different screen ratios editing tools like cropping compression rotation mirroring flipping add stickers emojis and gifs add your own soundtrack all kinds of effects choose from different frames there are dozens of them share on tiktok youtube instagram facebook whatsapp
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