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8 10 31 votes download intercepter ng android free intercepter ng is a sniffer application for auditing networks in order to spy on devices connected to any given network and for stealing passwords it is called auditing networks when in reality it is more
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It is called auditing networks when in reality it is more about stealing passwords but hey we are going to assume that in your case you want to legitimately check how safe your wifi connection is and whether there are any intruders connected in order to block them if that is the case you can download an application like intercepter ng spy on devices connected to a network what you can actually do is find out a fair bit of information about the activity of devices connected to a network these are some of the functions that this app has to offer access cookies that have been registered to those users that are being spied on see which sites they go to monitor data traffic see the wifi password of the network they are connected to call interception passwords of the services they use such as facebook or email accounts when you download the app your computer or android may flag it as malware this is because of the nature of its functions but not because it actually has any malware at all it also requires you to have rooted your device
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