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8 10 67 votes download huawei music android free huawei music is a plain and functional audio player for android with rather interesting functions with which you can make the most of your music collection we don t know how the conflict between the usa and
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We don t know how the conflict between the usa and huawei due to its chinese connections is going to end in any case we can still use on our mobile devices the software developed by the asian tech giant and that also goes for huawei music plain intuitive and elegant it s an audio player for android with which you can listen to your entire music collection it s an app with a functional and practical design that keeps things simple instead of adding useless elements to the user interface that makes it very intuitive and keeps all the options pretty straightforward in any case we can play music making use of different options create playlists random playback specific artists and connect to huawei s music streaming service in those countries where it is available all in all if you re one of those oldies that still use the mp3 format to listen to your favorite music in this app you ll find a better user experience than the native android music player what s new in the latest version huawei hasn t specified the changes made to this new version
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