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8 10 9 votes download helmet heroes android free helmet heroes is an mmorog with the esthetic and format of a platform game in which you will be able to roam a vast world full of enemies and danger helmet heroes is an mmorpg presented in a platform game f
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Helmet heroes is an mmorpg presented in a platform game format where we get to choose from different classes of characters and customize the game with more than 600 items we will find dozens of monsters pvp combats and missions to complete a two in one platform and role playing game this game has a retro and minimalist design in horizontal and 2d format in which you get to roam around huge strange worlds full of danger but where you will also be able to find all kinds of booty you will have to kill enemies conquer dungeons get rich you start off by choosing the class of character which will determine your abilities warrior archer wizard cowboy and from then on you will face each challenge with your character s capabilities and abilities these are the main features of this multi player role playing and platform game more than 600 items for customizing your character including weapons helmets armor shields fight with a range of firearms swords sticks bows trade with other players build your own weapons choose from 4 character classes choose from 60 different pets create your own clan or join an existing clan
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