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8 10 12 votes download badlanders android free badlanders is a game which transports us into a combat zone where we will have to fight in games of 25 players and all against all to see who can survive thanks to the success enjoyed by titles such as fortni
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Thanks to the success enjoyed by titles such as fortnite garena free fire or pubg the shooter genre has returned to the limelight especially in the battle royale format where everyone fights against everyone in massive games to see who is the only one left standing you and 24 other players fighting for survival the asian studio netease has specialized in this type of games and among those offered we find badlanders a third person shooter in which we arrive at an island where we will duel with other users in online games we will go through the ruins of what was once a great civilization and we will do it with total freedom of action being able to find in danger anywhere the game is more similar to the format presented by free fire or pubg with scenarios that seek realism we will handle our character with the controls superimposed on the screen and we will be able to use all type of weaponry and help that we find in our way and when we shoot down our rivals if we are fans of this type of action game we will find here hours and hours of entertainment it also has all these features face other players in online games with 25 simultaneous participants equip yourself with all type of items that you find weapons medical kits armors walk through the game scenario with total freedom guide yourself with the map to reach your objectives sell your surplus weapons and other items and earn money by trading to tell the truth it doesn t propose a format at all new but not for that reason you are going to think that it doesn t have anything that to offer it is a very orthodox sample of what are the games of shooting in third person
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