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8 10 10 votes download anydesk remote pc mac control android free anydesk remote pc mac control for android devices allows you to remotely take control of both windows and macos computers from your smartphone or tablet some years ago it was almost inconce
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Some years ago it was almost inconceivable to control a pc remotely but thanks to mobile devices it s now possible and really easy anydesk remote pc mac control is an application that we can use to control a computer from a distance whether windows or macos being able to carry out desktop actions from a smartphone or tablet you ll only need to install the apk on your device and download the corresponding file on your computer to be able to complete the connection through your computer s id which you ll have to introduce into the android app anydesk or how to comfortably control a pc from android the app comes along with a work environment that allows us to operate comfortably from a mobile device and have available all the programs files and configurations of our pc wherever we are provided that we ve got an internet connection it s an app that so flexible that it even allows us to edit images or text documents if you don t know what anydesk is we invite you to discover one of the best remote control apps for android to make it so efficient its developers have worked hard on reducing its latency dropping it to below 16 milliseconds in turn it s also capable of transmitting 60 images per second a number much higher than in the majority of apps in this category these are the main three features that any user can find in anydesk for android security the connection between devices incorporates a security protocol similar to the one used in online banking using a 2048 bit rsa exchange key speed it works fast enough for us to carry out actions such as mounting videos editing images managing our pc online teamwork free for private use with licenses for commercial use download the apk of anydesk right now and discover the advantages of working with this remote control app for pc and mac and its effects on your productivity what s new in the latest version support for new plug ins
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